YSFIT-RM is a rugged miniature fanless PC in an all-metal housing. YSFIT-RM provides excellent durability at extreme temperatures and conditions of shock, vibration and dust. YSFIT-RM has no vents and can work at a temperature range of -40C to 75C. It can be installed in any weather condition, in any type of cabinet or in a vehicle without complicated cooling design. YSFIT-RM is not sensitive to dust, humidity or polluted air. It is also easy to integrate in clean-rooms and sterilized environments. YSFIT-RM has been successfully tested for passenger car vibration and in drop tests. YSFIT-RM is based on the quad-core AMD A10-Micro 6700T clocked up to 2.2 GHz. Independent benchmarks show that it provides higher performance than comparable Intel Atom based systems in both Windows and Linux. YSFIT-RM has a surprisingly rich set of features. Not only dual-head HDMI, dual to quad Gbit Ethernet, WiFi, up to 6 USB ports and micro- SD, but also a serial port, provision for mobile data communication, GPIOs and powered eSATA.
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